HDFC Bank’s app, net-banking glitch hits customers

MUMBAI: Customers of HDFC Bank across the country complained of outage of net- and mobile-banking (m-banking) services, which were affected from Tuesday. While many could access the services, there were several complaints from customers, indicating a widespread problem.

In response to complaints, HDFC Bank has issued an apology stating that following the launch of its new m-banking app, it has been experiencing extremely heavy traffic on its online channel. “Due to this, some customers are unable to log in to the mobile-banking app. We are aware of this issue and our teams are working round the clock to resolve it,” the bank said.

On Tuesday, the bank had launched a new version of its m-banking app. Several customers got an update welcoming them to the new app. However, following the update, mobile service was not available for many.

According to a bank spokesperson, there was no issue with internet banking and the lender was advising customers to use the net-banking platform, missed-call banking or phone banking.

“This is not the experience we would like you to have and we deeply regret the inconvenience caused. We appreciate your support and patience,” said a statement from the bank.

Net-banking users said, when they tried to log in to their account, they received a message that the website was experiencing heavy traffic and to try later. Sources said that given the issues with the new app, customers were logging in to the web portal, resulting in more load than what the servers could handle.

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