Jayant Sinha sets an example for arrogant VIP flyers

NEW DELHI: At a time when MPs are usually in news for wrong reasons after beating up or threatening to thrash airline staffers, the minister of state for civil aviation has set an example how his fellow VIPs should act — without any arrogance of power and as the common man. Jayant Sinha wanted a certain meal on a low cost domestic flight but the air hostess told him he had pre-booked some other meal which cannot be changed at the last minute. Sinha paid for the meal he wanted without making any fuss.

This incident was recounted by Sinha’s co-passenger who flew with him from Delhi to Ranchi on Tuesday on budget airline AirAsia India. “Your cabin crew needs to recognize MoS (minister of state) for civil aviation. Flew Delhi-Ranchi I5-545 today, with @jayantsinha in the adjacent seat. He asked for a specific food item but was told ‘you have booked a south Indian meal, which can’t be changed now’. So he paid for his snacks!,” tweeted Gurgaon-based Asad Rasheed from his handle @Asad_qrubas.

The minister replied to his tweet with a winking face smiley.

Twitterati loved the professional attitude of the AirAsia cabin crew as well as the way Sinha acted. “I feel that both should get accolades. @jayantsinha ji for the gentleman he is and not behaving like an usual man of power and also @AirAsia for adhering to the rules and not giving a special treatment,” tweeted Jaideep Bhattacharjee from his handle @jaideepb. Another person tweeted, “Impressive!! Sets an excellent example of how politicians must behave in public life.”

In the past two to three years, there have been instances of MPs threatening to beat up an Air India staffer inside an aircraft and at an airport in Andhra. While ministers cannot directly tell the powerful people how to behave, Ashok Gajapathi Raju (who was the minister till TDP exited the NDA) and Jayant Sinha have been repeatedly seen lining up at airports for getting on buses to board aircraft.

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