ET Awards the toughest of India Inc in a tough year

NEW DELHI: This has been a tough year for corporates to excel in, with headwinds from a variety of sources — from global oil markets to Supreme Court judgements that impact business strategies. So, the Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence, 2018 edition, is even more significant.

India’s premier performance awards for India Inc’s best and toughest will be given at a powerpacked evening on November 17, in Mumbai. The real big names from industry, finance and new economy will all be there, along with ministerial heavyweights. As has been the much-appreciated tradition, the evening will not only see the presentation of awards to super-performers, but also high impact policy and political economy discussions and debates.

Finer policy points analysed at ET Awards events have, over the years, created headlines and added fresh perspective to hot button economic and business topics. Expect this year to be no different. Indeed, expect this year’s discussions to produce even sharper insights, because 2018 threw up many challenges for business, and political leaderships are already in election mode.

And, as is also always the case for that one evening in Mumbai when ETholds its awards event, there’s as much star power off stage, in the audience, as on stage. The most consequential and powerful of India Inc come to congratulate the winners and listen to what is always a highly informed and engaging discussion on the big questions. So book your diary, November 17, Mumbai, ET Awards for Corporate Excellence – be where everyone who matters will be.

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